Kitchen Sinks – Double Vs. Single

Best kitchen sinks-double bowlWhat makes a highly functional kitchen for you? For most people, kitchen function depends on the available space and the flow. The flow of the kitchen matters most to many because it determines how effortless food preparation and cooking is. Looking at food preparation, sinks are critical.

In the world of the best kitchen sinks, there is a divide between lovers of single and double sinks. Besides what you can see in terms of the number, what makes a good kitchen sink?

With kitchen sink varieties ranging from the most common stainless steel to the less popular counterparts like enamel-coated cast iron, solid surfaces, and composites, your choice will depend on personal preferences. But, a common decision people make still lies in the number of sinks.

Best kitchen sinks-single bowlIn the past, double sinks were common compared to single sinks, and their primary role was to wash dishes. But, we don’t wash dishes bestanymore, do we? With every home having the latest dishwashing machine, it makes little sense to have double sinks. The single sinks are popular, but the double sinks still exist in some homes.

Before choosing one over the other, consider the following features that determine functionality:

Use and configuration

The size, shape and the number of kitchens sinks matter because you’ll use kitchen sinks more than anything else in the kitchen. The single sinks are available in different shapes and sizes, and they take up considerably less space. Therefore, if space is an issue, the single sinks make the best kitchen sinks. You also need to look at the configuration of the cabinetry. If the cabinet has a small sink base, then a single sink is better.

On the other hand, double sinks are also available in different sizes and designs. You will find some with two equal bowls and others with one large and one small compartment. The upside to double sinks is that they are versatile with more options for cleaning.


There isn’t much difference between installing single and double sinks. You need epoxy2 to hold in place either sink, as well as sink clips. As the epoxy dries, a large C-Clamp holds the sink in place

The only difference in installation is in the connection for plumbing.

The single sink is easier, cheaper and faster to install than the double sink because it needs a single drain. The placement of the faucet is easy as well.

For the double sink, you have two drains which have to be connected into one before they enter the final waste trap. Also, one side of the sink may have garbage disposal the other may not. You also have to struggle with the location of the faucet because if you intend to use both bowls, you must have a faucet on both sides.

Counter space – which sink saves more counter space?

The double sink comes in handy if you use every inch of your available counter space in food preparation. You can use one bowl as a drying rack and the other for cleaning.

What about the single sinks with built-in drying space? While effective, you have reduced cleaning space. Note that the size of the sink depends on the cabinetry’s sink base.


Though the cost depends on the size and the materials, the double sink is more expensive than a single sink. Other than the cost of the sink, the installation process and hardware cost more with the doubles sink.

Can you combine the sink with a dishwasher?

While you can combine both sinks with a dishwasher, it makes more sense to use the single sink with the dishwasher than a double sink.


They are almost the same though you spend more time cleaning a double sink than a single sink.

Detergents and water use

They use almost the same amount of money though the double sink uses one half for washing which may mean less water and detergents.


Single sinks are preferable to double sinks as they handle large items like pots, and there is a wide range all of which fit more kitchens. In single sinks, faucet replacement is easier; they are cheaper and easier to maintain compared to double sinks. The only advantages of double sinks are that they use less water and detergents compared to single sinks and they free up space on the kitchen counter.