Knives & Cutting Board

Even though you have a solution for cutting vegetables, you’re still going to need sharp knives and a decent cutting board around the kitchen. Ever find yourself wishing you had a better or sharper knife when you’re in the middle of cooking up a delicious recipe? Believe it or not, there are specific knives for just about any food. Investing in a good set is worth it for anyone who spends any time in the kitchen. See Good Housekeeping’s 25 Best Kitchen Knives & Tools so you’re prepared to effortlessly slice, dice and chop your way to a delicious home cooked meal.

I’m sure you’ve heard the debate before; is a plastic, wood or bamboo cutting board the best for cooking? Well Kitchn has cut through all the noise and offered up some good advice on this topic. There are a lot of different features to take into account when deciding which to purchase, such as: sanitation, environment, ease of cleaning and how hard the board is on your shiny new knives. Weigh the options and then go with what works best for you.

Recommended Cookbooks

The first step to cooking a tasty meal is a delicious recipe. It’s not always easy to find and whip up a quick and healthy meal, especially when you’re short on time. We live in a digital world and there are lots of great online cooking resources out there, but nothing beats a good old fashioned cookbook. Below are five cookbooks that are sure to inspire you and satisfy your taste buds.

  • Essentials of Classic Italian Cooking
  • Simple French Food
  • Julia’s Kitchen Wisdom
  • Joy of Cooking
  • The Skinnytaste Cookbook: Light on Calories, Big on Flavor


Don’t let your outdated and impractical kitchen accessories hold you back from cooking with grace and simplicity. Look around and figure out what items need to be replaced or updated. Doing so will provide you with a more enjoyable and relaxed experience in your kitchen.

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